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STASI -like ...Intelligence Gathering taking place in Santa Cruz ...

STASI -like ...Intelligence Gathering taking place in Santa Cruz ...

The Sheriff's government run spy network called NextDoor is a CIA generated program                      The choice ...  support a branch of UN Agenda 21   or  elect an independent Sheriff to .. Protect, Serve and Defend the Constitution Greylock, a CIA asset has offices in the US and Israel, with the office in Herzliya  run by Moshe Mor, a former military intelligence captain.   Greylock has been investing in US government ventures for over 40 years and has very close ties with the CIA, Mossad and Department of Defense.  Howard Cox joined Greylock after years in the Office of the Secretary of Defense (Systems Analysis). Cox also serves on board of In-Q-Tel, the CIA venture capital...

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Chem Trails Part III

Chem Trails Part III

Chem Trails ... Source ... CIA ... Part III (section on Boeing ... the insiders in control) Evergreen International Aviation, headquarters in McMinnville, Oregon, assumed the CIA's Air America's assets with a special no bid deal. Who would think that the coordinated poisoning of the U. S. would hide in a little town of 30,000 with a 5500 foot runway? Part I Explained ... A whistle blower spilled the beans regarding the death dumps program known as Chem Trails or geo engineering ... the information put Evergreen in the middle of some of the operations. The original story was deliberately distorted for the...

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Ben Carson "sleeper" for Global Government

Ben Carson "sleeper" for Global Government

 Yale Trustees Operate Conspiratorial Policies for World Government "There's a sucker born every minute" ... 'Nobody ever lost a dollar by underestimating ... the American public." Benjamin Carson Yale Trustees constitute a legal trust that provides for the subterranean structure for the plot for world government. Rare is the case that those listed below are unknowing. They are willing participants. In this authors opinion this select group of people are not compartmentalized. Skull and Bones (Brotherhood of Death) has operating control of these Trustees. One is deficient in knowledge of both foreign and domestic policies of the United States by not...

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Washington's ... Best Kept Secret
... says ABC
Political Gate Keepers have succeed in keeping political activists across the country in the dark. This benefits the long laid plans of the world's banking cartel. It has been well over a year since ABC's John Parkinson's article was published called Washington's "Best Kept Secret".

John Parkinson cited four years of Congressional secret weekly meetings. He named Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi as approving the backroom special dealings.

Top aides would talk only on the condition they not be identified. NancyPelosi_1399538c.jpg .Paul-Ryan-says-he-has-no-regrets.jpg

John Boehner called the "backroom deal" a success! ... Boehner's celebrated announcement was before a gathering of the little known Rockefeller founded Ripon Society.


The Ripon Society was founded on the policies set forth in Nelson Rockefeller's book The Future of Federalism ... it calls for a world federated government. This is a declaration for interdependence under central banks and unfettered multinational corporations.

The subjection of the sovereign states under the European Union is a model. Gorbachev correctly called it a European Soviet where cultures and individualism is the enemy of the state. .

The United States borders has represented a major block to the banksters goals.

The high wages and living standards of American's has blocked their attempt at open borders. To take down the borders and create cheaper labor for the multinational corporations ... new laws called Immigration Reform under various titles has been advanced.

rockefeller future.jpg

The wrecking ball of the United States constitutionally crafted separation of powers is open boarders. Because open borders is detrimental to the middle and lower class of Americans ... it was important to devise a plan in secret in order to get Congress to pass the legislation.

The Ripon Society had modeled itself after the Bow Group, the successful, though unofficial, research group of Britain's Conservative Party which represented the conspiracy's hidden hands.. They make sure that the Conservative Party doesn't interfere with the banker's progress toward a World Government.
The Ripon Society, during it's formation met with master conspirator Henry Kissinger.
Henry Kissinger's first job in the USA was at the Council on Foreign Relations.
The Council on Foreign Relations was formally established in Paris in 1919 along with its British Counterpart the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs can trace their roots back to a secret organization founded and funded by Cecil Rhodes, who became fabulously wealthy by exploiting the people of South Africa.

The Council on Foreign Relations was founded by a group of American and British imperialists and racists intent on ruling the world. Many of the American members were American intelligence officers that belonged to the first American Intelligence Agency -- THE INQUIRY. Many of the British members were British Intelligence Agents.

THE INQUIRY and its members, included such notable Americans as Col. Edward Mandel House, Walter Lippmann, Isaiah Bowman, and James Shotwell

During World War I, Lippmann was commissioned a captain in the Army on June 28, 1918 and was assigned to the intelligence section of the AEF headquarters in France.
Walter Lippmann was journalist for the "conspiracy" and was assigned to the staff of Colonel Edward M. House. Col. House wrote a
oct 1_148.jpg

blueprint for a dictatorial North American Union in a book called Phillip Dru Administrator.Free download http://glennbecksbooklist.blogspot.com/2011/09/free-download-of-book-philip-dru.html
Lippmann saw the purpose of journalism as " intelligence work" and he was an advisor to other presidents up to and including Lyndon Johnson). Lippmann's job was to "manufacture consent".

oct 1_150.jpg
Walter Lippman and Colonel House, the key adviser to President Woodrow Wilson, drafted Wilson's speech which was the groundwork for a

Global Government.(League of Nations). The "conspirators' were mad that the U.S. Senate voted the treaty down. Using Rockefeller money and the Council on Foreign Relations they infiltrated both political parties.

Walter Lippmann, promoted the Ripon Society. He was a upset at the Goldwater nomination in 1964 where the investment bankers lost the nomination of their favorite ... Nelson Rockefeller designated candidate. Leon Panetta campaigned for Nelson Rockefeller then and has been a Rockefeller agent ever since.

The real measure of the Ripon Society's success has been its ability to make the Republican Party submit to the control of the Council on Foreign Relations policies and it's associated entities. Boehner, Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy have kept the Republican House in line with the Central Bank objectives.

The world then as now is run by the multinational corporations, foundations and the UN which sits on land to it donated by the Rockefeller family.

The founding editor of the New Republic ... Walter Lippmann became the leading public advocate of the need to respect a Communist sphere of influence in Europe, as opposed to the containment strategy.

Nelson Rockefeller (1).jpg

Communism is, you must understand, not the people overthrowing the banking establishment. From the beginning, Communism was and is a tool of the bankers used to enslave the people. See under Articles .. All in the Family www.TheMuckRaker.net

In July, 1959 Lippmann denied that the Communist Castro regime would be allied with the USSR saying: "It would be a great mistake even to intimate that Castro's Cuba has any real prospect of becoming a Soviet satellite." If you care to win back freedom ... read Psychological Warfare and the New World Order and CFR-CIA-Castro Connection. (by Servando Gonzalez)

Lippmann saw the purpose of journalism as "intelligence work".

In 1913, Lippmann, and (The Inquiry ... American intelligence) Walter Weyl became the founding editors of The New Republic magazine. This was through the financial backing of heiress Dorothy Payne Whitney was daughter to William C. Whitney (skull & bones) and her husband, Willard Straight, who maintained majority ownership.

William C. Whitney (skull and bones) married the sister of the treasurer to Standard Oil.

Willard Straight left J.P. Morgan in 1915 and went to work as a vice-president for the American International Corporation (a major supporter of the banker sponsored Communist revolution)


Willard Straight belonged to Sphinx Head founded by the skull & bones ( Andrew Dickson White)

The New Republic has from the beginning been able to put a government intelligence ring in the nose and has controlled a large segment of the political "Left". It is the rich and ruling controlling and running their own opposition.

Present head, Chris Hughes of the New Republic went to a Ten School Admissions Organization institution and attended Bilderberger meetings. Chris Hughes male husband Sean Eldridge (co-founder Facebook) funds Democratic candidates across the country.

Tea Parties have given "PASS" to undeserving Republicans who talk the talk but walk the other way.

Talking about those Republican Congressmen who Sell Out to the New World Order ...

Tea Parties and Republican volunteer groups such as California Republican Assembly (CRA) have a few gatekeepers blocking crucial informaiton that is contained inthis article.

Members of the Ripon Society should be hounded out of politics for their sheer treason.

From California alone, Ripon Society Rockefeller agents include Kevin McCarthy the Republican whip, Ripon member Ken Calvert and Darrell Issa who been delaying and stalling his investigations and can't seem to manage getting subpoenas written.

kmccarthy11.jpg ripon-CALVERT-large.jpgripondissa.jpg

Kevin McCarthy Ken Calvert Darrell Issa (richest man in Congress)

Plus 2nd in command Eric Cantor is a wiling advocate of Nelson Rockefeller's World Federalism. If you go to Instruments of Tyranny on this web site you will find a 2010 Ripon document that explains how the staff of both he and the majority leader are trained for World Government intregration.

Ripon cantor.jpg Eric Cantor ... staff was "re-educated in Globalony" by Rockefeller's "modern Republicanism" ... the "fix is in" by the Ripon Society's billionaires.

John Boehner House Majority
leader and his staff is dancing
to Rockefeller's tune.

John McCain was given the consolation prize of running "Color Revolutions" around the world (smashing nation states for the New World Order). This is via a branch of the (CIA's) Endowment for Democracy. McCain took a "dive" in 2008 for the same forces that supported Barack Obama.

Notice Neel Kashkari banker candidate for Governor in California had endorsed Barack Obama. We remember it was it was Governor (Bilderberger) Perry who campaigned for Armand Hammer's groomed candidate Al Gore. And we read from Jessica Calefati's article in the Bill Gates' bought San Jose Mercury that Kashkari's political staff is heavily peopled with those who campaigned for McCain and Schwazaggner (Charles Munger Jr.) . rothschild_arn_buf.jpg

Long time Ripon agent John McCain is seen here years ago on the cover of the Rockefeller operation's magazine..

McCain_Ripon_Forum.jpg Lincoln Club.jpgThe Ripon Society has joined with George Pratt Shultz former head of the Council on Foreign Relations with the Kissinger, David Rockefeller California operation called the Republican Lincoln Clubs. Above we see Charles Munger Jr son of the right hand of Warren Buffet with Shultz at one of their endless fundraisers.

governor .jpg
Tim Donnelly /
Neel Kashkari

Kashkari is so bad for California and America ... that those pushing his candidacy are clearly suspect as paid agents and are Un-American. They are drinking the KoolAide being forced on the people by the owned, controlled and lying press.

These Republican billionaires are dividing up the spoils with the billionaires of the Democrat Party ... in fact there is no two party system ... the people are played upon by this global elite ... intent on a dictatorship and massive population reduction. The implimentation of the United Nations Agenda 21.

It is Rockefeller's other entities Common Cause and California Forward that run the unaware in the Democratic Party.


Following is an article regarding the "re-education" of Republican leadership staff to go along with the imperatives for a New World Order and North American Union.

Rockefeller\'s Ripon Runs Congress 001.jpg